Jan 7, 2021

Public Expose PT Natura City Developments Tbk. Desember 2020


On December 16, 2020 PT Natura City Developments Tbk (the “Company”) held the Annual Public Expose 2020 at Hotel Neo – Green Savana, Sentul City, Bogor. The Public Expose was attended by the Company’s Commissioners and Directors, Mr. Rio Tinto Sirait as Independent Commissioner, Mr. Elfi Darlis as President Director, and Mr. Jose Francis B Acantilado as Director of the Company, and also attended by shareholders and investors.

In this Annual Public Expose, Mr. Elfi Darlis said that the Company has recorded sales in a number of clusters of the total units marketed as many as 1,825 units, and the Company has posted revenues of more than IDR 1.57 trillion.

Until the end of September 2020, the company posted revenues of IDR 37.367 billion compared to the same period last year of IDR 55.615 billion. Meanwhile, the Company’s total liabilities until the end of September 2020 increased by IDR 183,853 billion compared to the same period last year of IDR 120,996 billion. The derivation in revenue this year compared to the previous year was due to the general derivation in the property sales, both on a domestic and national sector. This derivation was due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which conditions in April and May when the first PSBB volume was implemented, the property sector experienced a condition that seemed stagnant because consumers looks like “wait and see”. Added to the condition of the second volume of PSBB and Micro-Scale Social Restrictions or PSBM in a number of areas which of course has more impact on the property sector.

With the circulation of the Covid-19 vaccine, and a downward trend in the number of infected with the Covid-19 virus, hopefully people purchasing power/investors will recover, the economy will be more stable, so in 2021 the Company is very optimistic to increase its income which is estimated to be IDR 250 billion. To achieve this target, the Company continues to sell ready stock units, in addition to marketing the existing units.

The Company strives to achieve better performance through strategic initiatives by carrying out programs aimed at attracting property consumers. In addition, the Company also maximizes operational performance and implements an efficient and effective work system in order to encourage and complete the development of the Serpong Natura City area.

To meet the needs of tenants in addition to the operation of the Fresh Market, the Company will also open a franchise shop or Alfamart which is expected to operate at the end of December 2020, at which time the Alfamart building has been renovated. The construction of a community park, which is located between clusters 7 and 8, has been completed and can be used by tenants for sports and children’s playgrounds, and in that area a Children Playground is also provided. The sports field which is located next to the Clubhouse at this commercial area can be used for basketball and futsal, has been completed and will be ready for use soon.

Next to the Basketball or Futsal Court a mini soccer field is being built, which in early 2021 can be used. We have also added some children’s playgrounds so that they are more varied and the tenants of Serpong Natura City more comfortable, one of which is located in the Cattleya Cluster. The construction of a musholla which is located in the Serpong Natura City area has also been completed and has been used as a place of worship for tenants of the Serpong Natura City area.

Sentul City, 17 December 2020