Build responsibly, think sustainably, engage with communities wholeheartedly

The company has the vision to improve the quality of life of Indonesian people. Not just for you, but also for local communities around us. Thus we always put our commitment and dedication in carrying out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, which can benefit our stakeholders, employees, consumers, as well as the environment and local communities around us.

Through various CSR activities, we believe we can provide a growth impact that is not only positive but also sustainable. Ranging from environmental protection, social education, to health, we hope our CSR activities will be able to improve the welfare of Indonesian people.

Various of Natura City Development’s CSR activities include these sectors:

Wellness & Health

Initiate various free medical programs to improve people’s health condition.

Social Education

Provide wider education access for talented Indonesian young people who need the most.

Environmental Protection

Protect the environment sustainably for the sake of our future generations.

Responsibility for the Employee’s Well-being, Healthcare, and Safety

The implementation of employment-related CSR in order to perform the best working practice in the company.

Social and Community Development

Supporting the welfare of the community who lives around the company’s operational activities through CSR’s activities in the social and community development industry.

Service and Protection to All Customers

Implementing a complaint management system in order to embrace the transparency of good relations between the company and customers.

CSR Activity

The Company Participation in honor of Eid Al Adha
    In celebration of the Eid Adha 1440H, The Company participated in religious affairs by purchase sacrificial animals. Sacrificial animals were delivered during Eid-al Adha for the Pengasinan Village’s…
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Indahnya Buka Puasa Bersama dan Berbagi dengan Sesama
Keluarga Besar PT Natura City Developments Tbk.  menggelar buka puasa bersama dan santunan anak yatim di lokasi proyek Serpong Natura City, Gunung Sindur-Bogor, Jumat (24/5/2019). Direktur Utama PT Natura City Developments Tbk., Bapak Efli…
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Responsibility for employment, health, and safety
The Company ensures that best practices are implemented for the implementation of corporate social responsibility related to employment, health, and safety. employees receive the best treatment, including health insurance, work…
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Leisurely walk
Take a leisurely walk in the framework of the 73rd independence Day of the Republic of indonesia, which was held on August 25, 2018. This activity was followed by all…
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Break the fast
Breaking the fast together and giving compensation to orphans, which was held on june 8, 2018, the Company and the community carried out the Fast Breaking activity which was continued…
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