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As a property developer company, Natura City Developments wants to provide the best service. Not only for customers, but also for shareholders who believe in the quality we offer on every projects we build.

Number One Planning

Planning is the starting point of success and we have a well-organized plan to completion.

Focusing On Details

Works always need the best detail. We always focus on detail to get the best results.

Certified Contractor

The property requires a proven contractor. We only work with the contractors who already have certificates in order to guarantee the quality of the products that we build.

Environmental Gold Standard

We provide a good standard environment in each of our project.


For years we have worked on various projects since 2011 and now it has been growing rapidly, so the abundant experience is in our hands.

Financial Transparency

We commit to budget execution for our projects and set a well-organized budget plan. We also provide good financial services. It is proven by financial transparency that can be checked by customers and shareholders.

Shareholders Information

No. Shareholder Total Share Percentage
1 PT Sakti Generasi Perdana 20,63%
2 PT Tunas Tumbuh Berkembang 534.427.000 9,89%
3 Golden Capital Foundation 510.000.000 9,44%
4 PT Karya Cakrawala Perdana 313.902.870 5,81%
5 Public below 5% 2.931.859.096 54,23%

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Annual Report


Annual Report 2023

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